We are

Expert Investors. We deliver a complete and bespoke investment advice, suited to our clients objectives and needs.

Independent, without conflicts of interest and focused on high and Ultra high net worth clients.

At Paragon we focus in offering our customers with investment solutions that are consistent to their specific goals and needs. We select the best investment products considering their return, risk, tax benefits, and associated costs.

In Paragon we deliver the highest standard of service and personalized advice, tailored to your needs.

In Paragon we abide to our corporate values: Excellence, Integrity and Commitment.

What moves us

To be, indisputably, the best advisors for our clients. Our team’s excellence and dedication deliver a service that is unique, transparent, and without conflicts of interests.


Generate value for our clients through comprehensive advice on all aspects related to their assets. Establish long-term relationships based on trust and transparency.


To be, indisputably, the best advisor of our clients.


Excellence: We offer our clients superior service and professionalism.

Integrity: Our team is always ruled by the highest ethical standards.

Dedication: We are committed to delivering all the energy and work necessary to achieve the best results for our clients.

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